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Best Beginner Keyboards – 2020 Reviews

Buying a beginner keyboard is somewhat of a sensitive dance between the instrument being easily wielded and its features. One certainly wants to buy an instrument that’s capable of growing with the student, but they probably don’t want to spend extra money on a keyboard that has technical features that aren’t going to be understood by the beginner. That’s why it pays off to pay close attention to the models available and make sure that you do your homework before purchasing a student keyboard.

Having said that, there are some keyboard models which just seem to be perfect for beginners. Models that are a balance between playability, features, and price. The best of the keyboard models currently manufactured have been gathered together by us and placed in the following list for our reader’s convenience. Any of them will work perfectly for music students, aspiring musicians or beginning pianists.

Our Top Picks for the Best Beginner Keyboards

#1 Yamaha PSRE253 Keyboard

This quality beginner’s keyboard has a multitude of features which makes it handy for just about everyone. Both beginners and intermediate players will enjoy this keyboard’s 61 full-size keys and this keyboard’s duo mode which divides the keyboard into two halves so it can be played with a partner. It has 32-note polyphony, has an Aux line input so that musical devices can be attached to it and it can be operated with either an optional power supply or with batteries. This keyboard is also extremely portable and can be played at home or taken to the classroom with ease.

#2 Casio CTK2400 Portable Keyboard

With 61-keys, 110 built-in songs, 100 built-in rhythms, and 400 AHL keyboard voices, this keyboard is ready to meet the standards of both beginner and intermediate pianists. It comes with USB Midi and audio input functions, it has sampling effects and also a step-up learning system that makes it easy for the student to progress from one level to the next. This keyboard has so many functions that it can be played around with, even if the student has never touched a piano before. All of which makes this a useful beginners piano for anyone wanting to take up the instrument.

#3 Casio SA76 44 Mini-Size Keys

Sometimes students with small fingers have trouble dealing with full-size keys, and in those instances, this Casio SA76 is perfect. It has mini-sized keys that are perfect for smaller fingers, and it has an LCD display that’s very easy to read. Other features found in this keyboard include 100 built-in sounds and 50 rhythms. With a simple selection, the player can change the tone of this keyboard from piano to organ and back again. It also has a lesson function that can be turned on or off by pressing a button. Learning to play the piano is just around the corner thanks to this quality keyboard.

#4 Yamaha EZ-220 Lighted Key Keyboard Package

Everything needed to get started playing a keyboard is included with this package. It comes with the Yamaha EZ-220 keyboard, headphones, a power supply, and even a stand to place the keyboard on. The instrument itself has 61-keys which are touch sensitive and can light up so that the student knows which keys to press when one of the 100 built-in songs is played. This keyboard also has 392 instrument voices and 100 different accompaniment styles built into it. Other items that come with this package, and are a great asset for students, is the Yamaha Education Suite, a fingering guide and an iPad app.

#5 Casio LK-280 61-Lighted Key Keyboard

The Casio LK-280 is a 61-key keyboard that has many of the features that people look for when they’re looking to buy a beginner’s keyboard. It has 152 built-in songs, and 50 of those included songs are specifically designed to help the student learn how to play the keyboard. As these songs play, the correct keys light up, so the student has a visual way of deciding upon what keys they should be using. This instrument also comes with 600 built-in tones and digital effects. And it also has a USB port that allows the keyboard’s speakers with an MP3 player.

#6 Hamzer 61-Key Digital Piano Keyboard

Although the number of features found on this piano keyboard may seem daunting at first, this model is actually a very good keyboard for learning how to play the piano. It’s equipped with 255 timbres and rhythms and also has 24 demonstration songs. It provides the accurate feel of a traditional piano but is extremely easy to play. Players can record and playback their own music for learning purposes, and this model is equipped with a headphone jack so the player can play in private. And since it can be easily powered with 6 AA batteries, this compact keyboard can be taken anywhere it’s needed.

#7 Rockjam 61-Key Piano Super Kit

This keyboard is suitable for anyone looking to set up a complete keyboard learning station for either themselves or their students. It’s also a great kit for introducing music students to the keyboard. This super kit comes with a stand, stool, power supply, and of course, the 61-key electronic keyboard. This gives the beginning pianists everything they need to get started playing. The keyboard is equipped with an LCD screen, the ability to play and record songs, and has 50 built-in demo songs. It also has 100 rhythms and keyboard sounds. And if the student wants to take the keyboard away from home, it’s not only easily powered by its AC power supply but can also be powered by 6 D-batteries.

#8 RockJam 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

One of the first things worth noting about this keyboard is that it has full-size keys. This allows the student to learn on the same size keys as they would on a full keyboard, which means they don’t have to adjust their playing style when they progress to a full-size piano. Another thing that this product has going for it is that it has multiple teaching modes which enable students to learn at their own pace. Additional features found on this instrument include an interactive LCD screen which displays the correct chords to play, 8 built-in demo songs and 100 different rhythms.

#9 Joy KL-91M 61-Key Keyboard

This keyboard comes with everything a student needs to get started with to learn how to play the piano. It comes with 255 different rhythms and timbres, 50 demonstration songs, and an easy-to-read LCD display. What’s really helpful to beginning students, however, is this keyboard’s lighting simulation that lights up the correct keys when one of the instrument’s built-in songs is playing. This allows the student to follow along and learn the correct keys to play as they progress through the songs. Other helpful items that come with this keyboard include a music stand, a power supply, and an owner’s manual.

#10 Huntington KB54 54-Key Electronic Keyboard

This 54-key introductory level keyboard is a decent model for students but still has an array of features that allow it to be used as the student grows. This product comes with 16 different volume levels, 100 voices, and 32 tempo settings. It also comes with 8-panel drum and rhythm cord volume levels, single chord function, finger chord function, and a start feature with sync. Additional features found on this model include a 1/4-inch output jack, stereo RCA output jacks, a transposition function, and even an LED display. Just about everything a player needs to familiarize themselves with electronic keyboards.

Beginners Keyboard Guide

When it comes to buying a beginners keyboard there is more to finding a quality product that just making sure it has weighted keys. If you are going to develop a fine concerto repertoire or even learn how to make it fun, you need the right piano. This is easier said than done as with any instrument you are new to, you need to know what a good piano should do.

When you find the right one you can enjoy hours of practice which is why we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In A Beginners Piano

Weighted Keys

We mentioned this already but it is an important part of buying a beginner’s piano. You want it to feel as close to the real thing as possible and most reputable brands do a great job of giving you an authentic feel. That way when it comes to your exams, the feel is the same and you can feel comfortable on any piano.

Great Sound

Of course, when it comes to finding a beginner’s piano, the sound is going to be massively important. Some products come with changeable sounds so you can select anything from a grand piano to synth. A lot of products have over 100 options although if you are using it strictly for learning, a few different ones will suffice.

Amount of Keys

Typically, you can buy a beginner’s piano with 44, 61, 66, 76, and even some with 88 keys. The more eys, the bigger the piano but the more authentic it will be with greater playing options. For those wanting to play a classic piano, you will need to find a product with 88 keys to match the real thing.

Anyone just starting out will probably find that 61 keys are a good amount for learning.

Learning Guides

Because you are looking for a beginners piano, a bit of extra help with learning can go a long way. Some products come with access to apps to help develop and others have built-in songs to help you learn. Others will even allow you to record and playback so you can see where you can improve.

Some beginner pianos have a key lightning system that guides you through a song whilst others have a USB slot so you can play and follow mp3’s.


The piano should be your main concern but what is it going to go on? This is why a lot of people start with a full kit of equipment with everything from the stool, a stand, and of course piano among other items.

This allows you to get playing as soon as it arrives.

Quality Speakers

This can add to the authenticity so a lot of people try to make sure their beginner’s piano is modern enough to give them what a real piano should do. One of the main benefits of an electric keyboard though is being able to adjust the volume.

A quality pair of speakers will go a long way towards making your experience more enjoyable, but so will being able to plug in a pair of earphones. This means you can practice at any time of day without disturbing other people in the house or neighbors.


Because the piano will be tailored towards beginners, you can expect the price to be more cost-effective. Of course, a piano can be a real expense and you can end up paying what you want but if budget is an issue, there is plenty of value out there that will leave you with a good beginners piano.


Not only do rhythms open up a lot of options in terms of the type of music you can play, but it is fun and can help you to stay in time. Not all beginner’s pianos will give you this option but those that do tend to give you lots of different variations and tempos.

What Is The Best Beginners Keyboard

In truth, you can’t go wrong with any of the selections on our list. Each one has something to offer those just starting but our number one pick,¬†Yamaha PSRE253 Keyboard has the edge because it is highly rated and easily portable.

Does A Beginners Piano Need Touch Sensitive Keys?

Touch-sensitive keys get louder the harder you press them which adds to the authenticity of what a real piano does. This isn’t the most important element of a keyboard when you are getting to grips with learning but can help you to develop in other ways.

Also, consider what you are going to want a need once you start to become more capable, you don’t want to have to buy a new keyboard too soon.

How To Clean An Electric Keyboard

Depending on how often you use it, a keyboard can get a little grubby pretty fast. This is why most people tend to wipe their keys every week with a cloth and non-toxic cleaning product.

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