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Best Budget Keyboard Pianos – 2020 Reviews

Finding a great keyboard for songwriting, playing or as a training aid isn’t always easy. There’s a ton of features to consider which include everything from the number of keys the keyboard has all the way to whether the keys are weighted or semi-weighted. And that’s not even mentioning the price of the unit, which can range anywhere from under $50 all the way up to $1000. Fortunately, we have a solution and have found some quality budget models.

Regardless of whether you need a budget keyboard piano as a training aid for someone who is learning to play piano, or just need a budget model for songwriting purposes, then we have a treat for you. We’ve found ten of the best budget models which are not only inexpensive but are also well built and play extremely well. And they also make great gifts for music lovers.

Our Top Picks for the Best Budget Keyboard Pianos

#1 Casio SA76 Beginner’s Keyboard

Although it’s designed to be easier to use by children, this instrument can be enjoyed by anyone who is looking for a budget piano. It has 44 mini-sized keys and 5 percussion pads that allow the user to play the songs they want to play. This instrument is also equipped with 100 sounds, 50 drum beats, and 10 different songs. It also has an LCD display screen that’s easy to read no matter where the keyboard is used. Tone can easily be selected with the Piano and Tone buttons, so players can create the custom sounds they need to create quite easily.

#2 TWFRIC Kids Piano Keyboard

Anyone looking for a keyboard that will allow their 8-year to practice is going to love this inexpensive keyboard. This product is designed for small hands with 37-keys, and it is also equipped with 100 tone and rhythms. An additional feature found on this keyboard is a unique LCD screen that gives the child important playing information during use. This instrument also has silicone function buttons that are easy to use, and this product has 10 demos built into it that children will love. Some of the demos found on this instrument include The Farmer in the Dell, Happy Birthday and Mozart’s Piano Sonata.

#3 Casio CTK-2550 61-Key Keyboard

Regardless of whether the keyboard player wants to listen to the music they’re playing through this piano’s built-in speakers, or want to plug in a pair of headphones for private listening this product is capable of providing them with both options as needed. This 61-key keyboard has 400 tones and 100 rhythms built into it, so the player has some options when it comes to making music. It’s also a compact keyboard that’s only 37.2-inches by 12.1-inches by 3.6-inches, and it can be powered either by batteries or by using the included AC adapter.

#4 Hamzer 61-Key Digital Keyboard Piano

This high-quality keyboard is designed to not only give the keyboard player the full-range of sound they desire but also delivers a number of handy features which make it easier to use. This instrument is powered by 6 AA batteries or by a standard adapter, so it’s ready to be used virtually anywhere it’s needed. It’s also equipped with high-quality built-in speakers and over 61 different keyboard percussions. Other features found on this budget keyboard piano include 255 different rhythms, 255 timbres, and 24 demonstration songs. This product also features a record and playback feature, and it has a microphone and headphones jacks, too.

#5 Yamaha PSR-E263 61-Key Keyboard

Manufactured by Yamaha, a trusted name in the musical instrument industry, this product is designed as a budget model but has many of the features of more expensive models. It has 61 full-size keys that are not only good for playing but also for learning as well. And since it’s equipped with a dual-play mode, this product allows two players to play on the piano together. This product is also extremely compact and portable, features a library of 400 instrument voices and has 130 auto accompaniment styles. And since it can be powered by batteries or by buying a separately purchased power adapter, it’s ready to be played anywhere.

#6 Lagrima 61-Key Electronic Piano

Equipped with 61 full-size keys, this electronic keyboard is ready for almost anything. It’s equipped with 128 different rhythms, as well as 10 different demonstration songs. It has a convenient recording function that’s activated with the press of a button that allows the keyboard player to record and then listen back to the songs that they play. It also has a double keyboard feature which divides the keyboard into two different areas, which allows two people to play at the same time. This product is approximately 38.2-inches by 14.9-inches by 5.5-inches and is equipped with an LCD screen.

#7 RockJam 54-Key Portable Keyboard

This quality electronic keyboard has a number of features which are designed to help the piano player succeed in their endeavors. It has built-in stereo speakers which help to blast out the sounds played on this keyboard, and it has 54 full-size keys that feel like a traditional piano. Although this instrument is extremely compact and is portable enough to be taken anywhere, it still is loaded with interesting features. For example, it has over 100 different piano sound effects and has 100 different rhythms to choose from. And if that isn’t enough, it also has eight percussion sound effects integrated into it, too.

#8 eMedia My Piano Starter Pack

This 49-key keyboard may seem like a toy to some people, but in reality, it’s a high-quality learning aid for anyone trying to learn the basics of playing the piano. This electric keyboard has 49-keys, which are all the right size for the small fingers of children and it also comes with a power supply to power the keyboard and a USB cable for connecting the keyboard to a computer. It also comes with an interactive CD-ROM that helps to teach the child the basic techniques of playing the piano. All of which makes this keyboard the perfect learning tool for any child.

#9 Joy JK-63M 61-Key Standard Keyboard

One of the best things about this beginner’s keyboard is that it has an MP3 player built into it. This allows the user to play their favorite songs on it. However, that’s not the only feature worth mentioning about this instrument. It also has a number of other interesting features. This 61-key keyboard includes 50 demo songs and 255 rhythms that can be used for a great effect. This keyboard also has a LED display, and the whole keyboard is designed according to exacting quality standards. Whether the user wants to use this device for writing their own songs or for learning purposes, it’s sure to provide everything the user needs to perform.

#10 Huntington KB54 Portable 54-Key

Although this budget keyboard piano may be a little large for some people, with the proper surface to set it on this instrument is ready to deliver some beautiful music. It features 54 standard piano keys and has a number of presets built into it. It has 100 voices, 8 stereo demo songs, and 8-panel drum preset features. It also has 8 rhythm cord volume levels, and a total of 16 volume levels altogether. Other features which can be found on this keyboard include stereo RCA output jacks, an LED display, and a finger chord function. This keyboard may be large, but it does deliver many of the tools people need for learning or for playing.

Budget Keyboard Piano Guide

With some great options out there, you’ll find that getting your musical hands on a budget keyboard doesn’t have to set you back a lot. Not only is it an investment into yourself, with hours of fun and learning to be had, but the whole family can enjoy the benefits.

The problem with lowering your budget is it can be harder to find a quality product. This is why we have created the following guide so you can make an informed decision, and make sure the budget piano you are after is capable of giving you the features it should.

What To Look For In A Budget Keyboard Piano

Weighted Keys

Even when you don’t have as much to spend, a budget keyboard should still have weighted keys. It doesn’t matter who you are buying it for, even children will want an authentic feel. This is especially important because you want to be able to replicate the feel of a classic piano so that when you take exams, it doesn’t feel strange.

Enough Keys

The keys play a big part in what makes a budget keyboard piano enjoyable and you need enough of them to enhance the experience. Without them, you aren’t able to learn certain songs. To open up all possibilities you will need to find a budget keyboard that has 88 keys to match the real thing but this can be a bit of an ask.

A lot of people say that 61 keys are enough to make playing enjoyable although there are plenty of quality products for those on a budget that have less, and those with anything up to 88.

Learning Tools

A lot of budget keyboards are tailored towards beginners which can mean you get some useful learning tools. If you are an experienced player then this will not be so relevant but otherwise getting access to learning apps or having light-up keys can help you to learn new songs.

Other ways of helping developing pianists include being able to record and playback tracks or plug a USB stick in to play along with a track.


You should expect a budget piano to give you plenty of extras and you don’t have to spend a lot to buy a complete kit. This often includes a stool and a table to put the keyboard on. However, because the price will be lower you should expect less from the materials or you will need to increase the budget a little.

Different Sounds

Even a budget keyboard piano will come with plenty of features. Some are better than others at this but you should be able to choose from different piano sounds and other products might give you 100’s of extra sounds including different synth tracks.

These are less important if you are learning but if you want to use the piano for pop or to create new sounds, make sure you get as many sounds as possible.


Of course, one of the most important aspects of buying a budget keyboard piano is getting value. You can spend as much as you like on them but the real value is in getting a piano you enjoy playing that lasts a long time. The best way of achieving this is by going with a reputable brand or a model that has plenty of positive reviews.

Sound Quality

A lot of your enjoyment will come from being able to play through decent speakers that create an authentic sound. This, combined with being able to plug in a pair of headphones will allow you to play at any time of day and is one of the main benefits of buying a budget piano over the real thing.


This isn’t the most important feature on a budget keyboard piano but it can make learning fun as keeping time with a rhythm can be easier for some people. It also allows you to create your own songs and most that have this feature make it easy for you to adjust the tempo.

What Is The Best Budget Keyboard Piano?

Every budget keyboard piano on our list is a good option that should last a long time and give you an authentic feel. However, we recommend the Casio SA76 Beginner’s Keyboard because it is suitable for both adults and children, has 100 sounds and lots of playing options from different rhythms to percussion pads.

Do Budget Keyboard Pianos Need Touch Sensitive Keys?

If you are learning and new to playing piano then this might be less important but a lot of people recommend finding a product that has touch sensitive keys. This is because you can add to the authentic feel as real pianos react to the pressure put on every key, increasing the volume.

A budget keyboard piano only really needs to be comfortable to play, and have a good amount of options for you to feel as though you are getting good value. Still, try and find as many of the above features as possible as long as the piano fits into your budget.

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